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Greed and fear are the major players in the stock market. These two emotions are the driving force behind almost all market participants – Institutional mangers, stockbrokers, Investors, traders and yourself.

You might be saying to yourself that greed and fear will never get in the way of my trading, but believe it or not they will be. It is not something to be ashamed of. It is something you have to admit to, come face to face with, If you are to become a successful stock trader or investor.

This is why our day trading room and services is helpful. You can see how our moderators deal with this everyday. What do greed and fear look like in the market trading arena?

You have been watching a particular stock or currency pair for some time now. It has set up perfectly, so you pull the trigger. You bought it at the perfect price and now it is moving higher just as you thought it would.

Now greed steps up to the plate and says to you, this is going to be a rocket ship. So you buy some more shares. Or your stock moves a few points and goes passed the price that you decided to get out. Greed tells you this baby is going higher tomorrow so you hang on.

When stocks make strong moves to the upside greed from all the cumulative market participants joins the move. Prices usually fall faster then they go up, and when this happens, fear now steps up to the plate.

Now you are so emotionally invested in this trade and the market becoming so hard to navigate with all the doubts. Here again the benefits of joining a trading community that offer a live feed of their day to day trading you can bounce ideas you can consult with other day traders get their feed back on brokers and best approach to building a profitable trading plan

Join MON BIEN now and check our services or come to one of our event see by your self how we trade using our own fund and how we work together to stay successful

Join now and get our review of the new brokers reaching for the Czech Republic market

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